Klomp Ceramics

Who is Klomp Ceramics?

With a background in architecture, product styling and almost a decade running the successful ceramics brand Klomp Ceramics, Alexia Klompje knows the ins and outs of design, great aesthetics, functionality, good quality, and of course everything to do with clay.

Having explored all aspects of the ceramic product process from start to finish, and having worked with a variety of clients, Alexia hones her skill set and passion to bring you a service that can take your ceramic dreams to a viable reality.

“This service offers thoughtful consideration of both the need to create meaningful product in alignment with forward thinking business sensibility.”

Alexia’s style is organic with a uniquely recognisable handmade look and feel. 

Previous clients include Tashas Cafe, Hazendal Wine Estate, Poetry Stores, Table Seven, Ginja, Bofred, Pilcrow and Cleaver, Slippery Spoon Kitchen, Henriette Botha, the Tjing Tjing group, to name a few.