A fun one day workshop using clay work to explore and rediscover creative play. Play is the starting point of creativity and innovation, and ideas explored in this workshop will inspire how you move through your everyday life.

“This workshop was an incredible experience for me. As adults we struggle to allow ourselves to play. The healing that comes through play is just unbelievable. I would highly recommend this workshop to all adults at all stages of life. This is better than any therapy, and allows you to get in touch with & nurture your inner-child." Gaby


"It was a wonderful journey of self-exploration and fun. I found it healing. And think that one should do it once a year at least." Vesna





A transformative two part workshop journeying within through clay work to re-centre, heal & rediscover our authentic creative selves and the process of creating. Ideas explored in this workshop will serve you lifelong in achieving your greatest creative potential and therefore your best life.

“This workshop opened my mind, expanded my understanding of self and of what it means to be creative. How to be better at introspection and how to begin to tackle mental hurdles in my journey towards being a more balanced and creative person. ” Paulo 

“The workshop was heart warming, truly relaxing and fun at the same time. I never considered myself to be creative, and if you feel the same way the workshop will teach/remind you that you don’t have to be a painter, sculptor or a poet to be a creative person. And it does so in a friendly, warm and non judgmental way.” - Irmina


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A one day workshop using clay work to encourage both internal reflection & group sharing. A breathing space out of everyday roles to go within, reconnect to the creative self, connect to and communicate with others in a more honest, inspiring and productive way.




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