Team Building Workshops

What is the Klomp Ceramics Team building experience? 

A four hour long workshop, hosted in the beautiful Bello Studio at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock.

Through guided clay play, and various exercises that encourage both internal reflection & group sharing, our team building workshop creates a safe space for both personal exploration and connection as a group. A breathing space out of everyday roles to go within, reconnect to the creative self and thus connect to others in a more open, productive and inspiring way.


Why clay? What will we be making and is any previous clay experience needed?

Clay is a very therapeutic & grounding material and fantastic to use for team building exercises. Working with clay is fun, freeing and often evokes childhood memories of free play & creativity which aids in taking one out of the adult perfectionist, judgemental and outcome based way of thinking. Its malleable quality inspires a different way of thinking that focuses on experience vs outcome.

We will be using basic clay hand building techniques in this workshop to do the real exploration which is around creative play, connection and communication. Focus is not on what we make, but how we make and empower ourselves creatively.

Absolutely no previous clay work experience is needed. This workshop is for anyone - whether creative in the traditional sense of the word or not.


Who will be facilitating the workshop?

Alexia Klompje, ceramicist and owner of Klomp Ceramics will be guiding the workshop. 

Alexia has spent over two decades exploring the transformational & healing aspect of creativity. She has experience with working in a team and running a team, and the complexities involved in both, has facilitated many workshops and thus holds the space with intuitive sensitivity & integrity.

For out more about her story, here. 

This was a very thoughtful workshop, with a combination of using your hands (which is always great) and giving us an awareness of tools to take forward. It is held in a calming space and Alexia held the space in a gentle and caring way.” Alison

“What a wonderful day of exploration, connection, expansive play and quiet reflection! Alexia holds a safe space of possibility that balances deep inner work with the pure joy of play. What a bonus that all this takes place in her truly inspiring and beautiful studio!” Kate Louise

“Alexia as host of the workshop is gentle, guiding, non-judgemental and instantly welcoming and embracing which allows the participant to focus on nothing but the moment.” Widaad

“Alexia did really well to encourage participation, and made us all feel safe to explore without fear of judgement”. Frouwien


What will each participant, as well as the team gain from this workshop?

Personally, each participant will:

- have had a wonderful restorative, fun filled time playing with clay

- be reminded what being creatively empowered and in the present is so that this way of being can be introduced into everyday life

-have made at least one ceramic piece that will serve as a creative talisman


As a group:

 - create a more respectful, empathetic connection between team members

- inspire authentic, honest communication channels

- acquire creative tools & healthy boundaries with which to engage in group activities

- hold each other accountable 


What do we need to bring?

Absolutely nothing. We will supply each participant with an apron, all materials needed and full catering.


How many people do you host per team build?

Our workshop caters comfortably for 4 - 10 (or momentre) people at a time. This creates a safe intimate workshop environment.

For very large groups we recommend splitting into smaller groups of up to 10 and attending the workshop at separate times. Even if every member of a large group hasn’t physically done the workshop together, members will still be able to connect & communicate constructively post workshop with the tools and experiences gained.

We recommend bringing the entire group together when the pieces are received via courier. This is an opportunity for connection with a larger group. Receiving the pieces is a fun, bonding experience, and encourages interest and connection through sharing and showing the pieces made. This can also be a great time for reflection.


Where & when?

Workshops take place at The Bello Studio, Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town.

Social distancing measures will be in place. Other than the obligatory masks, plastic visors will be available for anyone wanting, seating will be the required 1.5m apart and catering will be served in single use recyclable containers.


What does the workshop cost, what does it include?

The workshop costs R1100 per person for a group of no less than 4 people per team build.


This includes:

 - the 4 hour guided teambuild workshop. Four hours is ample time and you’ll find that it isn’t possible to do more than this on the day.

- all good quality materials used at the workshop (stoneware clay, glazes, coloured slips etc)

- delicious harvest style catering including coffee, tea and water.

- two kiln firings, a final clear glazing by the studio, and delivery via courier of the pieces when out the kiln ( approximately 2 weeks post workshop)

There is no need to bring anything to the workshop. We supply aprons and all materials needed.


If you are interested in a Klomp Ceramics Team Building Workshop please mail us at

Klomp Ceramics Team Building