Clay Play Workshop

This is all you need to know about the Clay Play Workshop.


What are we going to be doing?

This one part workshop is all about rediscovering creative play. And I will be your guide.

This therapeutic and super fun workshop is a reminder to explore what it is to just create playfully. Play is really the starting point for creativity and innovation. As adults we tend to forget to play or feel that we need permission to play unless it’s for a set outcome. In this workshop we explore and reacquaint ourselves with the act of, and the joy that is accessible to us at anytime through, creative play.

This will be safe, private space - no cell phones, no social media, just me and up to 6 of you. With knowledge gained through my personal experiences, I will gently guide you on this beautiful, fun exploration.

For those of you who don't know who I am, this is my story.

I have no creative or clay work experience, can I still take part?

Absolutely. No previous clay experience needed. This workshop is for anyone - whether creative in the traditional sense of the word or not.

For those who have worked with clay before, please note we will be using basic clay techniques in this workshop to do the real exploration which is around creative play.

This workshop is not focused on the making of pieces but on the creative process whilst making pieces.  

What do I need to bring?

Clothes you don't mind getting a little dusty in.
I will provide you with everything else - aprons, materials and a delicious harvest brunch style feast.

What can I expect to get/learn from this workshop?

Throughout the workshop we'll be focusing on remembering how to create freely through play inspired by memory work and various group, tactile, sensory & exploratory exercises.

Using basic clay hand building & decorating techniques, we'll explore this playful creative process and simply have fun creating in the moment with no set outcome other than that! 

At the end of the workshop you will:
- have had a wonderful, restorative, fun filled time playing with clay

- be reminded what being creatively empowered and in the present is so that you can introduce this way of being into your every day life

- have at least one ceramic piece that you made to serve as your creative talisman 

Where & when?

Workshops take place at my home in Vredehoek, Cape Town CBD.

Dates for following workshops can be found and booked here.

What does the workshop cost, what does it include?

The workshop costs R1200 per person. Join the Workshop Mailing List for our great Early Bird Specials.

This includes: 

- 4 hours of guided fun creative play exploration. Four hours per day is ample time and you’ll find that it isn’t possible to do more than this on the day.

- all the good quality materials used at the workshop (stoneware clay, coloured slips etc.)

- a delicious brunch & beverages for the day (harvest style platters, cheeses, pastries, good coffee, tea & mineral water)

- two kiln firings, final clear glazing by me & delivery via courier of your pieces to you when out the final kiln firing (approx. 2 weeks after the workshop depending on how quickly the pieces dry)

I offer private workshops for minimum 4 - maximum 6 people at 10% discount. Ideal for meaningful celebrations, bridal showers, friend or colleague groups.

Join our Workshop Mailing List and be the first to know about future workshops and early bird specials.




“This workshop was an incredible experience for me. As adults we struggle to allow ourselves to play. The healing that comes through play is just unbelievable. I would highly recommend this workshop to all adults at all stages of life. This is better than any therapy, and allows you to get in touch with & nurture your inner-child." Gaby

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Too often we forget to take time to "smell the flowers" and give time to ourselves. We seem to feel the need to an "Adult" most of the time. This workshop allowed us to connect, create and get in touch with our inner, more playful side." Anke 

"The Clay Play Workshop was a fantastic four hours calmly and expertly guided by Alexia. I found it fun, inspiring, liberating, reflective and motivating. I thoroughly recommend it to others!" Claire

"It was a wonderful journey of self-exploration and fun. I found it healing. And think that one should do it once a year at least. Alexia is very friendly, hospitable and, above all, she poses such ability to make a person feel at ease and valuable." Vesna

"I invited my sister to join me for a treat. We didn't know exactly how we would feel walking out because playing with clay is something we don't normally do. We both walked out uplifted and inspired mind, body and soul, seeing life through a much lighter, more playful manner. We loved every moment of it and would recommend it to everyone." Kristina
Clay Workshop