Other than the Klomp consulting fee which is service and usage based (product and job dependent), other expenses incurred and quoted over and above the consulting fee may be; brand signature stamps, decal transfers if required, moulds, factory samples, shipping fees etc.

After the final hand over, any orders placed will be directly with the manufacturer, at their per product manufacturing rate.

An idea on these added expenses & cost to produce will be supplied alongside the consulting quote.



Once a Customer has a basic product, they are free to decide, at any time, to change up the glaze or surface decoration of their product.


First batch shades of blue, next batch black, whatever tickles the Customer’s fancy.

We will be available to consult as the Customer’s product evolves, or the Customer can choose to go off on their own.


We will recommend manufacturers we prefer to work with, and who meet our very high standards.

When it’s time to hand over, the manufacturer will be intimate with the Customer’s product specs, and we will set up a meet & greet with the manufacturer, as well as supplying the Customer with an easy ordering structure.

Alternatively, a manufacturer of the Customer’s choosing or preference can be approached, bearing in mind that this may change the process or lead times up a bit.

The Customer is not inextricably tied to any one manufacturer, and is free to change manufacturers at any point after hand over, with or without Klomp's assistance..


Klomp Ceramics is here and willing to assist with any of your ceramic needs.

Need help setting up a ceramics project that isn’t product based? Only need help with a certain aspect of the process? Need our continued assistance after hand over?

Please get in touch.

Do you still make Klomp

Ceramics products?

Yes, we do still retail one of a kind Klomp Ceramics items through the Sha.woman shop, and we still offer our Klomp Ceramics “Objects of Offering” in a wholesale capacity.


Please email us with your details for access to our wholesale catalogue.