Klomp Ceramics on exhibit November 06 2014

Klomp Ceramics is exhibiting this November at the annual Ceramics and Sculpture Exhibition titled ‘From African Earth; a Celebration of Ceramics’, held at the Kalk Bay Modern as part of World Design Capital 2014.


A Klomp Ceramics Collaboration featuring the Mawu Jewellery Collection.


Klomp Ceramics     Klomp Ceramics     

Klomp Ceramics     Klomp Ceramics


“I immediately felt inspired when asked to exhibit at the annual Ceramics and Sculpture Exhibition titled
‘From African Earth; a Celebration of Ceramics’, held at the Kalk Bay Modern as part of World Design Capital

I looked at every aspect of this exhibition title: Africa, Earth and ceramics, and began exploring the concept
of celebration within Africa and what it means to me in relation to my own personal exploration, and how I
could express this through my ceramics.

Africa is a continent rich in the ritual of celebration, and African jewellery and adornment has always been
a bold way of expressing celebration of self. Jewellery and the act of adorning oneself with jewellery has,
for me, always been an almost sacred ritual, a rite of passage into womanhood. One of my most favourite
things when I was a child was to explore my grandmother’s jewellery chest - gems and jewels that had
embellished generations of my ancestors and women before me.

With this in mind, I began crafting pieces of jewellery out of porcelain. Pieces that were worthy of an African
Goddess: strong, confident and brave, out of the Earth itself.

I then decided it would be magnificent to present these pieces through a photographic story of portraits,
marrying the two creative sides of myself as both a ceramicist and stylist. A Klomp Ceramics Collaboration
with talented photographer Kent Andreasen, beauty stylist Sebastine Pepler and model Yemi Awoyemi.” -
Alexia Klompje


Why 'Mawu'?
Mawu is an African Creator Goddess who created and sculpted life from clay by the light of the moon.

The Mawu Jewellery Collection will be on display at the Kalk Bay Modern Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa over the month of November
opening November 5 2014. Jewellery pieces and prints from the Klomp Ceramics Collaboration are on
sale and available to order.