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Bespoke Ceramic Design & Consulting Services

 Design to Manufacture

Bridging the gap between bespoke ceramics and scaled manufacturing.

Looking to have a unique ceramic product easily made in volume at an affordable price?


With over a decade of ceramic design and manufacturing experience for the retail and restaurant industries, Klomp Ceramics now offers expert consulting and design services on original brand aligned ceramics crockery, serve ware & product ranges from design all the way to manufacture.


“Understanding first hand the power of brand image and storytelling, customer experience, good ceramics design, optimum manufacturing processes and the value of return on investment on a product with a high turnover, I offer a focused driven consulting experience from a broad spectrum of understanding and expertise that gets you the high quality bespoke designer ceramics you want, at the best value for money, on your terms”. Alexia

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Klomp Ceramics Design & Consulting


Commissioning bespoke ceramic ranges can be a costly process with production limitations and long term restrictions.

And going to a manufacturer can be daunting, limited in creative design and conscious brand aligned thinking.

Klomp Ceramics strives to bring the two worlds together, creating a hands on, tailored design package that takes bespoke, high quality ceramics from concept to manufacture in a way that creates production freedom for the medium to large scale customer, in an indefinite capacity, at great value for money. In the easiest way possible.

Good design at its’ most efficient.


DESIGN | Develop a great tailor made design product that communicates who the brand is, and consciously contributes to the in-person user experience.

QUALITY | Bring a high quality product to the manufacturing system, saving on costs without sacrificing quality.

FUNCTION | Develop a function whereby bespoke ceramics can be easily produced, and replicated for ongoing use by a brand.

COST | After the initial design & development fee, the product is handed over to the Customer with the goal of future production manufactured at low cost, on the Customer’s terms. We understand that each client is unique with their own needs and budgets and we aim to accommodate this.

CUSTOMISATION | Develop a customisable product model that allows for flexibility and ongoing product development with long term gain.

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The Process.

IDEATE | Basic product ideas, needs, quotes and concepts are discussed and developed.

CREATE | The work begins on creating the desired product - exploring all the fun stuff; colour, shape, size, look, feel, texture, glaze, decoration etc.

PROTOTYPE | Prototype samples of the product are created and approved.

MANUFACTURE | Final design specifications are handed over to a Manufacturer for production.

HAND OVER | After a meet & greet, and ordering systems are in place, the Customer is now free to deal directly with the Manufacturer, placing orders of the product as needed at basic manufacturing costs.

Each Customer’s requirements are different and processes may differ, and can be tailored to suit a Customer’s needs.

Klomp Ceramics Design & Consulting